Tuesday, December 3, 2013

RV Renovations, Upgrades and Repair

A view of a travel trailer at a campsite in Southern Utah, with a spire visible in the background
Camping at Valley of the Gods, Utah.  The awning is still in place at this time.

Installations, Renovations and Repairs

  1. Learned how to tow, drive,  back up and do figure eights.
  2. Brake controller - New, installed under the Jeep dash
  3. Weight distribution hitch anti sway - Habitat for Humanity Restore
  4. New electric and hook up - 7pin
  5. Larger tow ball
  6. Solar Panels, hooked up 35 watt panel to trickle charge my battery
  7. Replaced running lights around the camper
  8. Installed spare tire on the back bumper of camper
  9. Learned how to use propane, for heating and cooking
  10. Learned how to dump my gray and black tanks
  11. Learned how to hook up to shore power and to turn on circuits and run from shore power
  12. Caulked around wheel well
  13. LED Lights throughout super bright leds.com
  14. Installed a spring on screen door, so it shuts every time.
  15. Added shelves in closet
  16. Turned bathroom into a closet for the winter
  17. Took those silly tie backs off the curtains
  18. Replaced outdoor lights, so I can have lighting at night when unhooking and opening propane for use.
  19. Removed the broken awning/canopy, White trashy.
  20. I plan to use portable awnings so I can cover the picnic table instead of needing to be close to the camper to hang out.

At Cadillac Ranch RV Park, Utah, a warm January afternoon, removing the awning and cleaning the camper.

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