Thursday, May 8, 2014

Transition from Winter to Spring Camping in Utah

Ahh, Utah

Since winterizing my camper in November, I left it stored at the Cadillac Ranch RV Park in Bluff.  Each weekend, well most weekends, I drove out there and camped.  When the campground was not full, I was invited by Diana, the owner,  to leave it parked in a campsite, instead of moving it to storage.  Thanks Diana.  When I arrived at camp, all set up, I just hooked up the electric, turned on the propane and ran the heater to warm it up.  Dry camping, I am used to the system of water jugs and that worked quite well for me. The coldest night was 14 Degrees at sometime in December.  But my Sunline Saturn Travel Trailer was cozy and warm.  I wouldn't run the heater all night, but just before nodding out and then again in the morning.  Sweet.  And the days were warm so I cooked and made art on the picnic table.

Last week, after teaching a Photo Workshop in Monument Valley, I camped for a few days to chill and watch rocks grow old.  I de-winterized the trailer and tested all the systems.  Since I was the one to winterize, I knew what was in the pipes.  It was really hot, 90 degrees, so I also tested the AC, hooked up to the water and sewer and all is well.  Whew.

I added the chalkboard above my artspace/dinette/guest bed. 

Why Utah

I love Red rocks, I love Butler Wash, Comb Wash, Muley Point, the Moqui Dugway, the Valley of the Gods, Cedar Mesa, and the Night sky.

The drive from my home in Durango is less than 3 hours to all of the above.  

What I love to do while camping

  1. Make Art
  2. Cook Outside
  3. Ride by Bike
  4. Star watch
  5. Fuss, build stuff
  6. Sleep in my cozy bed
  7. Sip Coffee and Tea
  8. Go days without showering

Spring Camping in the Desert

My nephew visited me and I took him camping, and art making

He knows how to have fun with the Aunt Kit Show

This is what it looks like when the epic spring winds blow.  So glad for my camper
I've been tent camping in this kind of wind, and I prefer the camper.

I call this Camp Napoleon Blownapart.  Looking out of my dinette windows

When the wind mellowed, this is one of my favorite photo locations.