Thursday, September 10, 2015

What do you like to do at Camp?

Camp and Play

I am rarely bored.  I love all kinds of weather.  If it rains, especially in the Southwest, I cheer, as we need it.  On a bright, sunny, day, (which we have lots of), I hike, bike and enjoy the warmth.  I'm pretty active while traveling, but the list of things I enjoy includes Photography, Uploading and Developing my photos in Lightroom, Reading, Painting, writing, and watching clouds roll by.

But mostly, I make art.

Camping at 9,000 feet in the Mountains of Colorado, surrounded by Aspen.

I have art supplies at my disposal whenever I want to play, and I collect barn wood and cut it into small enough pieces to create affirmations.  Art work that speaks to me.  I use oils on canvas, acrylic on canvas, and Martha Stewart Paints for painting on wood.  Those are NOT permanent and don't hold up well outdoors, so I spray varnish, but also, I just re-do when needed.

This is a two-sided painting.  It spins.
Generally I like to make art at camp that inspires me.  This week I'm focusing on Gratitude.
A few weeks ago I made this gift for a friend of mine, celebrating her 50th birthday.  The truly IS this Helen Keller saying.

And when I'm in my camper, I love to read, to post images on my walls and to write affirmations on the blackboards I installed over my refrigerator and above my dinette.

I like color and fabric, pattern, as you can see.

Camp in the shadow of Mesa Verde National Park (on a friend's 87 acres)

Abundance, Prosperity, Bloom Where You're Planted

Symbols = Om, and Love

And sometimes I bring out the big guns, the acrylics and have a blast.

What do you like to do at camp.  

Last year, while wintering in Arizona I met a woman who loved to quilt and carried her sewing machine and lots of fabric samples in her rig.  What do you like to do?  Do you travel with lots of supplies?  I have an 18' travel trailer and tow it with my Jeep Grand Cherokee, so I pay attention to weight.  How about you?


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