Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Camping in Utah

Exploring in Southern Utah, Muley Point Keyhole

Owning a travel trailer has extended my camping to 4 seasons.

There have only been a few weekends since the winter began that I've missed camping out in Utah.  Although the nights can be cold, and it's a bit more of a challenge to star gaze, having a camper with a heater makes all the difference.  I keep my Sunline Saturn at the Cadillac Ranch RV Park in Bluff, Utah.  Driving out to my "second home" from Durango is easy, just a little over two hours.

Renovating the Awning.  It was funky, so I removed it.
The campground is not too busy in the winter, and my favorite site is very private, south facing, and great for campfires and the dark night sky.  Diana and Tim, the owners of Cadillac Ranch are becoming fast friends, and I enjoy chatting with them when not in my "private", solo, mood.  I bring a bike, and enjoy a ride around town, or just take it for a drive, and don't use it at all!

I removed one of the bunk cabinet doors and installed blackboard.  Artist in Residence.
From my base camp in Bluff, I drove each day to a nearby trailhead for some photography and watched rocks grow old.  Within 5 miles of camp are some of the most awesome landscapes and Ancient Puebloan ruins around.  Folks travel from all over the world to visit Valley of the Gods, the Moqui Dugway, Muley Point and Monument Valley.

Just a few miles from camp, Comb Ridge is a 75 mile long "snake".
The hike up to this big view takes about an hour, and although there is
no designated trail, exploration is endless.

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