Saturday, November 30, 2013

Yep, hanging upside down in my Jeep Cherokee


As I photographer, I wish I had taken a photo.  Me, upside down in my Jeep Cherokee, you know, the green, squarish kind.  I was cut out by a dear passerby, who even held me as I fell down so I didn't hurt my neck.  Zazi, my 12 year old lab, was fine, but she was hiding, and had to be called out of the mess.  I totaled the car; with only a scratch on my hand.  But there you have it, my car was gone.  Ice; the culprit.

So, after getting over the initial shock, a friend lent me her Subaru, so I had wheels for a month.  I lived 44 miles from work, over two mountain passes so needed the help for the commute.  Let's not talk about the PTSD that first year while behind the wheel, and anytime it snows, till this day.

I loved car camping with my Green Jeep.  I learned how to drive all sorts of 4WD backroads with this baby.

Silver lining

As I started to shop for a new vehicle with the help of family and friends, I decided to put the horse before the cart.  I knew I wanted a travel trailer, and since the opportunity for a new vehicle was presenting itself I saw the silver lining.  I need a tow vehicle.  Let's start there.

Of course, the car has to be red, and it has to be a later model Jeep Grand Cherokee.  I love the look of the body style in 2002-2006. So after going through a dozen vehicles, ( I live in paradise, Durango, Colorado, not exactly the used car capitol of the southwest), a friend called saying she saw my car in town.  I went to see it, took it in for an inspection and minutes later it was mine.

My sweet new ride, it's even sturdier than my green jeep, more power, more room.  And with a great set of beefy tires, I can drive it anywhere.  Well, almost anywhere.

Cherry Baby, in Utah, at a trailhead

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